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Justsports Hydration bladder 2.5l

Justsports Hydration bladder 2.5l

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The Justsports Hydration Bladder is made of TPE and has a 2.5 litre capacity.

A large screw opening allows for easy filling and cleaning. The hose is 98cm long, with a flow rate adjustor on the mouthpiece.

The bladder is fitted with a quick release hose connection with a one way valve, allowing you to detach the hose from the bladder when filling or cleaning it.
It is recommended to use water in the bladder, or liquids that do not stain or leave a strong flavor.

DO NOT put alcohol in the bladder as it will damage the material and fittings. DO NOT put hot or boiling water in the bladder - maximum 40°C.

Before first use, rinse the inside of bladder with luke warm soapy water. This will get rid of the plastic smell and taste which is a result of the manufacturing process.

Always rinse and dry the bladder after use.
Additional valves and hoses also available at extra cost.

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