About Us

Welcome To Justsports


Justsports was founded by Gareth Dragt in September 2000. Gareth manufactured his first stretch cord to be used for land based swimming training.

He was then approached to manufacture other sports and fitness equipment which we provide today.Justsports still manufactures all stretch cords, speed and agility equipment ourselves using as many local businesses for the products that we need therefore benefiting the South African economy.

At Justsports we take pride in our work and so every effort is taken to ensure we provide our clients with the best quality products available.

Our vision is to become a leading sports brand in South Africa.

Our mission is to manufacture and distribute high quality products at reasonable prices.

Justsport's values are Innovation, excellent customer service and energy.

In the future we aim to be part of a moving South Africa with involvement in sports and fitness events that will help bring about a healthier nation.