Terms & Conditions

Before beginning any training regime it is important to have your health checked by a registered health professional.

By starting training with Justsports Multisport Coaching you take full responsibility for your health and safety.

Any health related issues you may have or currently suffer from must be disclosed to your coach as well as any allergic reactions you may suffer.

Justsports Multisport Coaching will do their best to make sure you train safely. However training does take place on open public roads where cars and other hazards are present. It is up to you the individual to be mindful of other road users and obey the rules of the road and other venues where you may train.

Should you have any concerns or may not feel comfortable about riding, running or swimming at a specific location, please contact your coach so that this can be addressed and we can make alternate arrangements if necessary.

The group coaching sessions are there for your benefit. These sessions if missed will not be made up. Group sessions may be affected by races and or other training related events. We do aim to accommodate everyone as much as possible. In the very rare occasion a coach is not available a training leader will help in making sure a training session takes place.

Sessions will very seldomley be cancelled. This may only happen if it is unsafe due to hazards or very bad weather. An alternate arrangement may be made to accommodate the session.

Payment of fees:

Your first month of fees is taken by signing up through the justsports.co.za online portal.

Fee payment is due by the last day of each month according to the training plan you have signed up for. Invoices will be sent out by the 25th of each month.

Should you wish to stop training, 1 months email notice would greatly be appreciated. You can email your notice to coach@justsports.co.za

Referral programme:

Our referral programme is simple. You refer a friend, they train with us for 3 months, you get 1 month training free. The more you refer, the more you train for free.

Should you have any queries about your training or program, please contact your coach or email coach@justsports.co.za